Story Ideas For the Superstition Kennel Club Dog Show

Building the Mini-Dog City: From one building to the next, to the walkways filled with boutique vendors and dog supplies, to the crates offering resting places for all of the dogs, it is a huge undertaking with the love of the dogs and the sport at heart.

Spa Time: The dogs get their nails manicured and their coats groomed. Massages are part of their regular grooming sessions. They get bathed, stretch with aerobic exercises and relax to acupuncture. These dogs, at the show, are pampered more than their handlers and their owners!

A Day in the Life of a Handler: Up before 5:00 a.m. to bathe, groom and prepare their dogs. Some Handlers even sleep with to their dogs. It's a long but fascinating day spent with little time to relax.

Nation’s Top Dogs: From New York to California, top Dogs are regular competitors at the Arizona Dog Shows.

The Future: The kids who handle and devote their love and attention to dog sports also learn respect, discipline, pride and much more. They make sacrifices in their lives and work long hours to keep on top.

Dog Show Moms and Dads: The devoted parents of dog show kids are quite special. Moms and dads watch, support and cheer on their kids. Many don't mind being a "groom for a day.”

Enjoy a Great Lunch with Food Options: Superstition Kennel Club wants to make sure everyone enjoys great food at our dog show. SKC will feature numerous food choices near the Vendor Pavilion on the show grounds for exhibitors and spectators to enjoy a culinary connection to the state of Arizona’s local food business.

On The Road Again: It's a traveling show as they unpack and pack, going from show to show. The handlers, breeders, owners and dogs spend a lot of time on the road. Some make a few trips in airplanes, competing across the U.S. and around the world.

Behind the Scenes with the Staff: Carol Arbuthnot is the Superstition Kennel Club Show Chair and she is always available for interviews at the dogs show. Other officials, many of whom also have fascinating backgrounds, are also available for interviews.

The Young Handlers: They are miniature versions of the handlers you will see competing, but these pint-sized dog fanciers have their handling skills firmly in place. They are in the age 9 - 18 category —and they all have their AKC Junior Showmanship Handler Number. The love affair with dogs starts early in this crowd. Some are the children of long time show families with grand champions and some are new to the sport. Both represent the next generation of Showmanship competitors.

A Huge Operation: What does it take to get this dog city off the ground? It takes a lot of know how and organization. How about hotels not only the Judges, the exhibitors, their dogs and family members. Take a look at the schedule that makes it happen. The people who get it done and how much this all means in dollars per day, per dog for the City of Phoenix.

What’s what in Dog and Handler Gear: Stop by and check out the elegant hand crafted leashes and collars and the latest grooming supplies at the Vendor Pavilion. Try on the latest jewelry design for dogs and owners. Stroll around and ask questions about the equipment and products and why it is designed as it is. There’s a reason they’re wearing what they wear.
Huge, skilled staff descend on the Arizona State Fairgrounds: More than 100 people with a variety of skills are needed to produce one of Arizona’s finest dog shows; everyone from skilled judges to ground specialists, from canine veterinarians to photographers and media, ring announcers and poop fairy crew members. The crew also includes club members, volunteers and rescue club members. Interviews are available with all of our dog show production specialists.

Home Away From Home: For Dogs and Owners, both: With many hotels occupied near the Fairgrounds, dog shows are one of the weekends “dog driven hotel” events in Phoenix. First time visitors to the show are struck by the beautiful dogs that fill up grooming spaces and the walkways where owners proudly display their ribbons that they have won during the weekend.

Barn Hunt is a hide-and-seek game for dogs! Tubes are hidden in a maze of straw. Some of the tubes are empty, some have “used” rat bedding in them, and some tubes have rats. In this timed event, your dog has to climb on a bale of straw, go through a tunnel, and find the hidden rats. Dogs of all types and sizes love to climb and jump and follow their noses through the straw to find the rats. When you hear the call of “Rat!” echoing across the grounds, raise a cheer for the varmint- hunting dogs! And for the record, the rats are never injured in this game; they live to play another day, and love to tease and taunt the hunting dogs! Almost all have a name!

Medical Sophistication for Man’s Best Friend: A host of medical practitioners ranging from skilled EMTs to veterinarians. Health Clinics for Cardiology and Eyes by appointment as well as Cardiology and Eye Clinics. Breeders Veterinarian Services will offer Digital x-rays along with other medical services. All are on hand at the Superstition Kennel Club Dog Show to assure that both handlers and their dogs remain in top shape throughout the week.

Superstition Kennel Club Pays it Forward: The Superstition Kennel Club Dog Show supports many non-profit organizations and dog related charities such as Phoenix Boys & Girls Club, Maricopa SAR Program, Take The Lead, Sandy Relief Fund and the AKC Humane Society. The Superstition Dog Show is an event with a deep economic impact on both national and local communities.

                                                                                                 SPECIAL EVENT VEHICLE

                                                                                                  AKC PET DISASTER RELIEVE VEHICLE

Superstition Kennel Club Rolls it Forward: SKC supports the AKC Pet Disaster Relief program. This vehicle provides animal care services during the first critical hours following a disaster the time before FEMA support and services are deployed. Everyone will have the opportunity to step inside and view this lifesaving vehicle during the dog show.